Who We Are

Richardson Financial Group has served as a strong financial partner to successful individuals and families since 1969. Our firm has developed a valued niche assisting current and former owners of family-owned businesses through a highly personalized consultative relationship.

Today, Richardson Financial Group consists of a team of specialized professionals who have diverse and deep experience providing comprehensive wealth management encompassing:

  • Investment Management
  • Financial, Tax and Estate Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management

We are personable experts. We are trusted advisors. And we can help make it happen. We can help bring together the disconnected, unaddressed, missing and unmanageable components of your financial situation, and create a well-performing, strategically managed financial plan.

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Our Process

As wealth grows, financial decisions become increasingly complex. There is too much information, too many sources of information, and too many decisions that have to be made. It simply becomes overwhelming.

While substantial planning may have been done in the past, it’s usually fragmented, and there’s not a system to monitor and report on all the financial pieces. Like a Rubik’s Cube, one slight change affects all the other pieces. Very few people have the ability to access and understand how all the pieces of their financial lives fit together. That’s why we created The Informed Decision Approach™.View PDF

Our facilitated process delivers a very organized approach to planning, using proprietary tools that allow you and your family to organize your thinking on very delicate personal matters.

Through The Informed Decision Approach, we work closely with you to uncover your most important goals. It can be an enlightening discovery process that allows you and your family — and our team — to understand what it is you want to achieve with your financial assets, and also what your needs are for your satisfaction and well-being. With a confirmed understanding of where you need to go, we are able to devise the roadmap and take the steps necessary to help integrate your tax, legal, investments and insurance into one comprehensive financial plan — simplifying your life and supporting your goals.*

Importantly, The Informed Decision Approach is an ongoing process that enables us to keep your financial plan up-to-date as your life and goals evolve.* As our client, we will remain available to meet with you on a regular basis so that we have timely awareness of how your situation and desires are changing. These sessions also allow us to keep you updated about our performance, as we report on your invested and non-invested assets.

For the first time in many people’s lives, with Richardson Financial Group they are able to make decisions from a real strategic plan, rather than trying to deal independently with a myriad of disjointed financial products and legal documents.

*The scope of our services depends upon the terms of the engagement.

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Our Team

Our professional team is comprised of carefully chosen, dedicated professionals who come to us with notable educational and professional credentials from respected financial, investment and accounting firms. Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience helping successful individuals and families manage their wealth.

Among our professionals you will find a highly qualified group of Chartered Financial Analysts, Chartered Financial Consultants, Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Life Underwriters and Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys. Richardson Financial Group brings additional specialized expertise through strategic partnerships that further enhance the depth and experience of our team. Ash Brokerage assists us with insurance services, while Fortigent provides insightful investment research. We also utilize an Advisory Board for collaborative analysis and guidance on general business matters as well as investments and tax issues. Our Board members have diverse backgrounds encompassing corporate management, consulting, legal and investment management.

Please Note: Limitations: The achievement of any license, designation or certification, should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience a certain level of results if Richardson is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services.

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