Our Services : Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance is one of the most complex financial instruments in the marketplace. Given our extensive background and expertise in the insurance marketplace, Richardson Financial Group is uniquely positioned to provide expert advice and guidance, and to implement independent solutions.

These attributes set us apart from other insurance advisors:

Product Expertise

Our understanding of the products available in the marketplace — including the “nuts and bolts” of the policies — allow us to optimize policies to perform as desired and to exploit niche features.

Unbiased Analysis

Our proprietary modeling provides an unbiased quantitative analysis of an unlimited number of policies and policy designs. We then overlay our qualitative analysis to identify the most appropriate solution for a given situation.


Our unique process, The Underwriting Advantage™, allows us to obtain the most favorable pricing, which can produce significant cost savings.


We have no production requirements or alliances with any insurance companies, which allows us to act in the best interest of our clients by exploring the universe of companies and policies.