Our Services : Investment Management

Our approach to managing money is different than most firms due to our heightened focus on minimizing risk and preserving capital. While our goal is to outperform the market over a full market cycle, we strive to do it with significantly less risk.

The following differentiate us from most investment management firms:

Alternative Strategies

Whereas most firms invest almost exclusively in stocks and bonds, we utilize numerous alternative investment managers and strategies that provide downside protection as well as returns that are less correlated to the stock and bond market.

Flexibility and Nimbleness

While we have all of the depth and resources of a large firm, we maintain and utilize significant flexibility and nimbleness that allow us to take advantage of changes in the marketplace.

Custom Strategies

We develop custom strategies designed for each client’s unique situation.

As our client, the benefit you derive from these differences is our ability to develop and manage a custom portfolio designed to generate the desired returns with less risk and greater preservation of capital.

All of our investment management services are provided on an independent fee-only basis through Richardson Capital Management, LLC.